I am Liron, a product designer and inventor based in Tel Aviv.
An alumnus of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design,

I love to think, solve, design, create and  

to turn ideas into living things.

My works have featured in publications such as Dezeen, The New York Times,

Futurism, Unilad, The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum.

My Work


Wearable jewellery set that enables deaf people to experience music through haptic technology.

The Vibeat collection is an alternative to headphones that features a necklace, bracelet and pin with circular modules attached to them.

The pieces combine to create an "alternative sensory system", which translates tracks into vibrations. Different units in the collection react to lower or higher ranges. This allows wearers to experience songs through touch alone.

Featured in: Dezeen, The New York Times, Futurism Magazine



landing 'carry with you' size ex (2) cop


A lamp, in its most basic essence, consists of a light source and a power source. Simple, slim, and effective. OLED technology allows us to stay true to this minimalistic ideal, and aesthetically incorporate it into a slender and flexible design. Lean harnesses the intrinsic properties of the basic elements of light and power sources - the OLED strip and the power cable. 

LEAN is an adjustable floor lamp, made of malleable materials and allowing for flexible use; it can stand upright, or be bent to form a curve in either direction (meaning the light may face inwards or outwards). 


Made from the material that you get from the many layers of dried and crusted spray-paint that accumulate on the surface of a carpenter's spray-paint table.


Magnetic clip-on accessories for Blundstone - an Australian Chelsea boots brand. This product has a registered patent, design, and a tradmark. Funstonze is produced in mass production technology and is sold around the world in different stores and chains.

Featured in: Calcalist

clip-on boots.jpg


SNOW1 copy 2.jpg
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A modular design solution that brings kids' outdoor activities into the house, while maintaining practical and compact storage

(great for lockdown!)

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